“s a d b o y: a poetry collection” by George Delgado is available for order on paperback and Ebook!!!

“f l o w e r b o y: a poetry collection” by George Delgado will be available mid-late 2022!!!
“The Modernization Of Love & Infidelity” by George Delgado rescheduled for late 2022!!

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  • The Bitter Taste Of Reality & Heartache
    4/10/2022. 9:14 pm. Stoughton, Ma. Five months have passed since I last saw you and these wounds are still so fresh. I’ve been writing nonstop. Sobbing nonstop. I’ve created palaces from paragraphs,…
  • How the mighty have fallen
    2.4.2022. 8:03 pm. Brockton, Ma. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.. A life once filled with sex, kisses, and you can only imagine what other pleasure; now only a life of desperation….
  • Dreamland
    1.12.22. 7:39 pm. Brockton, Ma. Drugs. Sex. Self-harm. And empty bonds that hold no value to my corrupt moralities. So many reticent behaviors that resemble how deeply I loathe, now that my…

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